Driven2Detail: A 1,351.93% ROI in 62 days!


Case Study: Driven2detail

Driven2Detail is a car detailing business located in Morganton, North Carolina. They came to us to help them run their Facebook Advertisements after Facebook changed numerous policies and removed many effective targeting methods, and they did not want to take the time to learn all the new methods involved to get great results. This case study is evidence that Facebook Ads still do work, even after the removal of many targeting features.

After launching the first campaign in mid april, we saw instant success in the ads and quickly closed a few deals. One deal closed would be profitable.. With $578.17 of total ad spend, and $3,895 of total revenue, the ROAS (return on ad spend) is 573.68%!

Factoring in the Average Lifetime Value (LTV), the value delivered is $8,394.60, with an ROAS of 1,351.93%!