Why YOU Need to be Using Photography to Build Your Brand


Show the world something you’re proud of.

That’s the goal of integrating photography into your brand. You definitely want people to see your products or whatever you do at the best angle, and always appear professional, unless that’s exactly what your brand is.

So what are some types of photography that you need to incorporate into your brand?


First there’s Product photography, which by itself is pretty self-explanatory, but will still require depth. Product photography is how you showcase your product to the world, and like i said before, the first impression is the single most important thing. If you just have basic cell-phone photos with terrible lighting, terrible angles, and everything’s just a mess, no ones going to buy your product. You need clean, professional level photos that make your product look so good that no one can resist. These photos need to instill in the prospect an inner desire. They feel that they are part of something special, even when others can’t see that they own your product.

This is why if you don’t want to take the time to take good pictures of your products, you should hire a professional.

And if your product is a service, I would suggest hiring someone to shoot what you do. For example, I shot some photos for a college depicting some of the programs that they run, which in most cases, a school isn’t offering a tangible product.


This is a given, but you also need to incorporate pictures of you and your team. Customers need to see who they’re dealing with. Just by having your face on your website, you build a layer of trust between the prospect and you. That’s the first step in converting them to paying customers. They have to trust your brand. This also includes things like video content, but we’ll get to that in a later post. The point is, the more personal you go, the more trust you establish between you.

It can also help to supply pictures of your location, which again will convey the sense of professionalism, and warm customers up to your place of business. This is definitely more important for businesses such as restaurants, where you want to control how the customer views your location.  

Referring to the last post, you always want to make sure all the photos you use on your website and in promotions and such are consistent with the tone that you choose. You want to help further establish the brand you’re creating, not confuse customers.