No one cares about you.
No one cares about your business.
That’s the one thing you should learn right away if you wish to be successful. I sure wish I had.

Every business has one goal that stands higher than everything else. Make money. And how does a business do this? By gaining new customers.

When you first start out in business, the naive you probably thought that the customers would just come rolling in because you sold a better product or service than everyone else. But you quickly learned this was not the case. No one cares about you, and no one cares about your business. You saw your business as better, so why didn’t they?

There’s a simple answer to this question: branding. You have to achieve the brand so good that customers feel good about buying something from you. They get excited about your company, you, and whatever you do. And the best way to do this in 2019 is with visuals.


The first thing when creating a brand is coming up with the feel and emotion you want to convey. It may be silly or light-hearted, or maybe a more serious tone. Whatever it is, the visuals need to correspond with the tone you chose. That way you can maintain consistency with that tone.

Photography and videography are great ways to help boost your brand. While not everyone is going to be an amazing photographer or videographer, there are some things that you can learn to improve your brand if you don’t want to hire someone.

The whole goal is to look as professional as possible. However, you need to do this in a way that represents your business and a brand. For example, say someone was a lawyer and decided to get professional portraits done while wearing a t-shirt and sunglasses. Unless your brand is that of a lawyer who effortlessly defeats his opposer and convinces the jury of his case while wearing a t-shirt, It’s probably not going to work. You want to see that lawyer in a suit. If you were that lawyer, you could also take the approach of comedic branding, although he might not get much business that way. But you see what i’m saying.

This also applies to your website. Nobody wants to look at a terrible website. It’s 2018, and people know better by now. That may be the first place to start. You want the customers to get an instant feel for you, what your team is like, and what you can do for them. That instant impression is the one that matters, and your whole business relies on it, so don’t blow it.