The Future of Focus Point Visuals

2018 has been a good year. Not the best year, and not the worst. As far as Focus Point Visuals, sometimes I feel as though I failed, because I didn’t do enough or make enough money, but then I think back over all the things i’ve learned and how far i’ve actually come with the business and I don’t know if those thoughts are accurate. It was a year of learning, growing, and exploration. Creatively, I was lackluster, taking on anything that i could and learning a lot in the process. But it never felt like it was enough. For the past few months, i’ve been rethinking my business model, and made some significant changes.

Before, Focus Point Visuals was a photography and videography company. This was my mistake. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with photo and video, and it will still be the main focus of the company. But I was focused too much on the what, not the why, or the result. This is where I failed. I was not selling, I was creating. In 2019 I will be a better salesperson.

Project Insight was my first step in realizing something better could be happening. I lacked a mission. Now i’ve discovered what that is.

In 2019 we will be offering four distinct services, all that serve to fulfill one goal. Photography, Videography, Digital Advertising, and Project Insight. All these will help maximize the potential of a company's brand. With photography I will head in a new direction of primarily Product and commercial photography, although i’m still perfectly happy to take on clients who want portraits or an event covered. With videography, which is already mostly the case, we will be doing the majority of our work with business, either creating small productions for them or through project insight, more on that in a second.

With digital advertising, I’ve been training and become proficient in running facebook ad campaigns. I did this with two goals in mind: one, it will help me market Focus Point better, and I can administer ad campaigns for other business, which again serves the goal of helping others build their brands. Utilizing the power of facebook ads and online advertising is something that not many people are doing. It’s cost effective, less wasteful than paper ads, and there is no downside with retargeting features. People need to know about online advertising and use it to their advantage.

And lastly, we have Project Insight, which is the program that really helps the most with brand incubation. It’s evolved a good bit since I first launched it, and I’m excited about where it’s going. The purpose is to help business deliver content to social media platforms on a consistent basis to further engage with their customers and gain more through simply being interesting people. Again, this is something that many businesses are not utilizing well enough or at all, and is something that is absolutely crucial if they want to exist and thrive in the future.

All of this to say I’m super excited about the future of Focus Point Visuals and the path that lays ahead of me. With a lot of hard work, planning, and selling, 2019 should be the best year yet, and I look forward to maximizing my personal potential. Thanks!