The 2 Best Methods to Market Your Services to Prospects

When I first started out, I quickly found out that sometimes the hardest part of business is reaching new prospects and to get a conversation with them, even if you have a great product or service.

And if you work out of your home, It can be especially hard to get the extra traction compared to a business which has a physical location that people pass by. Cold emailing, especially if you’re not great at writing intriguing copy, doesn’t work well at all.

So here’s a few tips that I figured out to get more people to pay attention to you!

The best way that i’ve found requires a little extra work than cold calling or cold emailing, but if done right, it can be highly effective.

It’s called the Mechanic Method Audit.

People underestimate the power of video. Not just a general explainer about “how great your product or service is” but a personal video that features you talking directly to the viewer.


This takes advantage of a philosophy that I use with Project Insight, Focus Point Visuals’ social media marketing program. If you’re unaware, it’s basically just video content creation for businesses on a consistent basis.

The main video gets uploaded to YouTube. We then repurpose that long form video into key bits of information that gets posted on all other social media platforms. This drives engagement back to the main video and the business’s website.

Why Project Insight works is because of the personal connection between the business and the customer that is created when the owner shows his face on camera, and talks freely about what goes on in their business, along with valuable information for anyone interested.

Humans automatically trust a brand more when there’s a face associated with it. That’s why Nike promotes athletes so heavily.

There are multiple versions of the Mechanic Method Audit that I use.

The first is where you shoot a video about how your services can benefit the other person. You should be talking to them specifically and explain exactly how what you do is perfect for them.

Take me offering my services as a digital marketer to other businesses, for example.

My videos look like this: I introduce myself, talking specifically to the business owner and mentioning names. This way, they know that i’m making this for them personally.

Then I talk about my business for a few brief seconds, and quickly get into the screen-recording that I made, discussing what they could change on their website to increase conversion rates along with a few marketing tips.

Next, I explain to them how my services (Marketing Consulting and Ads Management) with Facebook Advertising fits perfectly into them getting more customers and getting more conversions from their website. I say that if they want to learn more, they can simply schedule a call or I can meet them in person, depending on the location.

The second version of the Mechanic Method Audit is just create a video introducing yourself, your business, and your services to the prospect. This most likely won’t receive as high of a return, as it is nowhere near as valuable to the prospect, but it also takes much less time.

The advantage again is that right now, most people wouldn’t expect to get a personalized video. Grant Cardone, a popular real estate investor and entrepreneur, once said that he was able to score a deal of 1100 units even when he had tons of competition that we’re just as willing to purchase as he was, due to him sending his LOI (Letter of Intent) in video format. This got the sellers instantly acquainted to him and his personality, causing him to be the favorable buyer.

So how do I distribute these audits?

In any way you can, but with email being the main priority. Sometimes smaller businesses don’t include an email address on their website, so I message them on their facebook page. But make sure you have a sure way of getting the video to them before shooting it.

One time I shot the audit, edited it, and uploaded it, then realized that I could not find an email address, facebook page, or any means besides a phone number to get in contact with the business! It was a dentist’s office so I was certain there would be a way, but didn’t bother to check. Don’t make the same mistake.

When sending it to the prospect, I don’t just send the link in the email, I explain who I am and give them a reason to click on the link and watch the video. I let them know that there’s real value in the video, not just a sales pitch.

I also mention that it would be boring to both of us to describe all the details in an email, and that I know that their time is valuable.

Keep in mind that the entire goal of the video audit is to get on the phone or meet with the prospect. Doing too much of a sales pitch will ruin it. Only include information that is valuable to the prospect, and tell them to contact you for more.

Please note that as I am a filmmaker, I make full use of the equipment at my disposal. This is also because I have the reputation as a filmmaker to keep up, so I need to make my videos as high quality as possible. You do not need to buy camera equipment. Using your smartphone will work fine for the purpose of the video, just make sure you’re well lit by standing near and facing a window or another source of light.


That seems like a ton of work, doesn’t it?

Well, sometimes that’s what it takes to get started. But there are some ways that I make the whole process easier.

In reality, acquiring new customers will cost you something, whether it’s through advertising, or the time you take to reach out to cold traffic. It’s up to you to decide which is more valuable.

First, I use pre recorded sections for my talk about my business, and my super soft pitch about my services. When filming yourself, make sure you’re wearing the same clothes and it’s the same time of day as the pre recorded bit.

This speeds up the process by a lot, allowing me to only film new videos for the part where it’s specific for each prospect. The time that it takes can also be trimmed down by shooting and editing many back to back. I usually shoot and edit 10-15 at a time.

Second, I don’t write an email for every single person. I have email copy that I know works well, so I use that every time, modifying parts to fit to each prospect.

The Mechanic Method Audit probably works best for business to business services, but it can also work well for high-ticket offers, where each sale is conducted over the phone or in person. Or if you’re just starting out, it could work well to get your first few customers.

As far as other methods that I use, Facebook Advertising is the best way to reach a broad audience, no matter if you’re new to the game or have been in it for awhile. Of course, as I am a digital marketer I will suggest this.

Facebook Advertising is fairly easy to get into if you just want to create a quick ad, however to truly master the platform and maximize the potential of the ads requires much more effort and time.

What are some of the advantages of Facebook Advertising?

First, you can target specifically who you want to see your ad. If you’re starting fresh, you can utilize interests and demographics in order to select your audience. All you have to do is create these customer profiles based on what you think your target customer will like and do. You can target to things like newly engaged couples, specific job titles, and more.

The more powerful tool in Facebook is the ability to create lookalike audiences. This is when you have a customer list of emails already. You can import this data into Facebook and it will create an audience that it thinks acts like the ones you inputted, thus giving you an audience that is much more likely to click on your ad.

Then there's retargeting. You can take advantage of the Facebook Pixel, which is a little bit of code that you inject into your website header, that tells Facebook when a user with a Facebook account visits your website. You can target these specific audiences with a direct offer, because you know that they have already interacted with your website.

You can also create custom conversion rules and more, but that’s beyond the scope of this article.

Lastly, Facebook Ads are highly efficient because you can control how much money you put into it. There’s no minimum investment required, so you can chug along at $5 a day generating leads if you want to.

Since nothing is physical, you can take down an ad that isn’t performing as well as you’d like, adjust the copy, headline, or the image, and reupload, with little or no money lost. There’s no repercussion.

The most important thing about using Facebook ads is to create engaging media that tells facebook to serve your ads over others. This is because facebook scores all ads based on relevance to the audience it’s being told to show it to. Basically, the more link clicks, likes, and comments an ad receives, the higher the score.

This is how small businesses and marketers (like myself) can compete with huge corporations that throw money at all their problems. By fine-tuning your ad to drive maximum engagement out of your target audience, your ad will then be served more and more as the algorithm is told to favor your ads.


So how do you create engaging ads?

First off, the ad creative is broken into:

  1. Your copy

  2. Your image

  3. Your headline

You need to get all of these on the right track before submitting anything. You should read and be mindful of the facebook ad guidelines as well, because if you don’t, there’s a high likelihood that your ad will be taken down. If you do that too many times, your ad account will be banned.

The entire goal of the headline is to get people to click. This should be an offer for a lead magnet, which is a piece of information or a discount that’s of value to the prospect. They exchange their email in order to get this. (I offer 10% off the first photography or video shoot, and I make the first Project Insight video for free.)

Once they click, they will be directed to your landing page, where (like I mentioned before) they should have the ability to opt-in to get your lead magnet in exchange for their email. Your landing page should be clean, include as much information as possible, and can include some time-sensitive offers if you’d like.

Your goal is to sell them on your product or service, so direct them into realizing they NEED your product.

If you’re in the Ecommerce business, NEVER just send the prospects straight to a product page, where all they can do is add to cart. Again, sell them on your product. Tell them how great their life would be if they had what you offer.

Make sure your landing page doesn’t resemble a spam-fest of flashing text and images, you don’t want your prospect to get sensory overload. Your landing page should direct them in such a way that it eases them into buying.

Once you’ve got their email, you can send them offers directly, or send them an automated sequence of emails that encourage them to sign up for your offer, or to schedule an appointment.

Your  ad copy should be intriguing, eventually driving towards the offer of the lead magnet. Tell a story, use testimonials, or describe your offer. The goal is to activate pain points within a prospect that makes them really interested in learning more about your offer. Avoid speaking too specifically to a prospect or calling out something about them, because this is against Facebook guidelines.

Saying “Are you $20,000 in debt? We can help you get out it!” is NOT ok. But rewording this to “Being in thousands of dollars of debt isn’t fun. Find out how to escape it.” should do just fine. Obviously your copy will be more in-depth than that, but it’s just an example.

Remember: ALWAYS AVOID SOUNDING LIKE SPAM IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. You’re here to create high quality ads, not some garbage that you might find on BuzzFeed.

If you have any doubt, just think: “Would I want to see this ad?” If the answer is no, you need to rethink your creative.

Finally we have your image. This should be relevant to your ad obviously, and you may or may not want to include text on the image. Your image needs to be no more than 20% text for Facebook to run it properly. You can go to to find free stock images to use in your ads.

You could also create a video ad, which will be more engaging if done right, but requires more effort or budget.

Now you have all the knowledge to start creating high quality, engaging ads!

That is just the beginning though, if you’re really interested in online advertising. There’s a lot of free resources out there to learn and really master this skill. You’re going to see lots of people selling their courses on digital marketing too. I wouldn’t recommend buying them. Everything they have to say can be found for free elsewhere, it just may require a little bit more digging.

I recommend Jordan Schumacher, a digital marketer who has a YouTube Channel devoted to the subject of online advertising.

I also understand that not everyone has the time to pour a bunch of time to really learning how to get the most out of online advertising.

That’s why when I learned all this to help me better market my photography and videography business, I realized that I could do a TON of good by helping other businesses market themselves. It’s a win-win situation, because both parties walk away happy, the business with more money and more customers, and me by getting paid to help them.

There’s one last bonus way of marketing your services to others: Facebook Groups. You can join these groups that are relevant to the audience you’re looking to market to. Then you can use your expertise in whatever field you’re in to provide value to people asking questions.

A note on this method though: DO NOT SPAM ASKING FOR CLIENTS. People are smarter than that. They’re going to be annoyed by someone looking for free handouts.

You MUST provide free value, as much as you possibly can, to the prospect FIRST. Then, if they feel if you’re knowledgeable and worthy of their business, will they contact you.

I’ll say it again: Don’t go asking for people to contact you about an offer. Seriously.

If you were paying attention while reading this, you might have noticed the whole point of this article.

Yup, it’s a lead magnet for my business, (meta, right?) and I’m not scared to say that. But that’s OK, because you’re getting FREE value out of this, and I have the potential to get your business in the future, because you trust me more.

That’s really the secret of marketing on the internet. No one wants to be shown tons of different businesses just shoving offers down your throat, saying “ORDER NOW WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!”. Unless it’s something you’re really, really interested in (which means the Facebook Ads are doing their job), it’s just annoying.

The better way ends in a win for everyone. The prospect gets valuable information or a discount of some sort via a lead magnet, driving them to your landing page. Then you can put your time-sensitive, act now, SUPPLIES RUNNING LOW (even though it’s a digital product?) whatever offer. Once you get their email, you can entice them to buy from you.

I hope this was helpful. If you want to get more of these in the future, you can sign up for our newsletter. I typically publish one of these every week or so. I also make videos talking about the exact same topics, so you can subscribe to our YouTube channel for more!

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