Why EVERYONE Will be Content Creators


The future looks like it will either be a great place or a terrible place. For the sake of everyone, I hope that it will be great.

For businesses I’m almost certain that it’s going to be great. With new technologies arising seemingly every day, we are offered new opportunities to capitalize, and to live a better life.

There’s one thing I’m certain of the the future: Everyone will be content creators of some sort.

Why would this be the case?

There’s a mistake that many businesses are making right now. Many times it’s not the owner’s fault however. Many do not understand the power of these new technologies.

What is this mistake?

It’s that these businesses are not creating content about their business, their product, the people in it, and so on. Sometimes they don’t even have a social media presence. These things are KEY to surviving in the future.

Even though it’s been around for about 25 years, people still don’t truly understand the power of the internet. It has made regular people doing regular things famous, made others millionaires, and more.

EVERYONE should be capitalizing on these gifts.

Some think that they can’t compete with the marketing of the huge companies, but the truth is, making content that’s relevant to the niche of their business is a multi-pronged source that can work wonders.

First off, creating video content means showing your face to the camera. People are way more likely to trust your brand because of this. The more they see your face, your personality, and the personality of everyone at your business, the more they will trust you. This takes you out of the trap of being a faceless company, and onto the path of building a lasting community and brand.

Besides, people LOVE to see the behind the scenes of things they’re interested in.

Creating content is the BEST way to compete with the large corporations with huge advertising budgets. People love underdogs, and just by you being genuine, you can be the favorable candidate.

These videos should be professional, but not like a commercial at all. What you’re doing is providing valuable information to the prospects that are interested in your niche. They come across your video and they begin to like your brand, because you’re helpful, and gave them information that they might not know.

Blogging is also an option, if you like writing and are a little camera shy. I actually do both, by writing a blog, then taking that and turning it into a video.

Also, getting comfortable in front of a camera takes time, and the only way you can do it is by ACTUALLY DOING IT. So commit to filming yourself, and you’ll be better because of it.

When you do this consistently, you will build a community around your business, and this will grow your brand. These people are fans of the content you make, so they are many times more likely to buy from you.

It also helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The more you post, the more relevant your website is. So you can actually attribute a monetary return on producing content.

The whole point is to create a platform for you to shout your success from the mountaintop, not in a bragging way of course. If you’ve done your job and designed great content, the people watching will like what you do no matter what. They want to support you, and they want to watch you succeed.

If you’re still skeptical about why you should be doing this, let’s take some examples. You may have heard of Ryan Serhant. He’s a real estate agent in New York City who has done over a billion dollars in real estate sales, has multiple tv shows, and yet he started a vlog on his YouTube channel.

Why? Because he realized that’s where he can capture a bigger, better audience. He can give his advice about selling, and people enjoy his content thoroughly. There are countless real estate agents and entrepreneurs that are better salesmen because of his advice.

And this also gives him a platform to show new listings, properties, and things he has in the works. This means other people see his success and want to work with him.

This is the opportunity that EVERYONE has. Everyone has a smartphone, so there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from creating content except for you.

So get out there, and make your business the best business it can be! Create engaging content that has the chance to be seen by millions.

Oh, and you have the chance to make actual money from the content too. If you are posting to YouTube, once you build a large enough audience, you can begin to earn revenue from advertisements placed on your video.

If you’re blogging, you can use Google AdSense and place ads within your article.

I believe that everyone has a content creator in them.

You’re not making Hollywood movies. You’re not trying to compete with Netflix.

You’re making engaging content that gives value your target customers.

You’re building a community around your business.

That’s why I call it: Project Insight. You’re giving customers an insight to your business.

This is the future of business.

And there’s NO LIMIT to how high you can go, how far you can reach with your influence.

Remember, the only thing stopping you from bringing your business to the NEXT LEVEL is you.

Focus Point Visuals does create content businesses in this manner already, so you don’t have to take the time to worry about. The only thing is, YOU’RE the one that knows your market, and what your customers will find interesting.  

But that isn’t what this is about.

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