How We Generate Leads for Family Dentists That Don’t Nickel And Dime Their Provider | Clarity, Insight, Growth Acquisition Methodology

Designing and implementing a truly great digital presence that can generate you leads can be a challenging process. It’s confusing, and it's difficult to narrow down exactly what you need to do to.

This is your guide to becoming an online presence pro. 

I will be breaking down exactly what you need to do to start generating leads for your dental practice (or any other business for that matter, although some aspects may vary). 

I will also go through, step by step, how my Clarity, Insight, Growth Acquisition Methodology works so you can start implementing these techniques in your business today. 

First, let’s clarify our goals for a digital presence. If you go to any digital agency that has a focus on lead generation and ask them about the leads they deliver (which is a big deal), they’ll probably tell you something like, “We deliver high-quality leads that are primed to buy from you the instant you call them up!” 

But what does that really mean? What goes into a “high-quality” lead? 

As a dentist, you probably want two main things out of a lead: Someone who won’t nickel and dime you or complain over every little thing, and someone who actually cares about their health to the point that cost is not their main concern. 

The problem with most internet lead generation is that the majority of the leads tend to be people who are looking for the cheapest alternative or are bargain-shopping. Especially in the health world, these people are a pain to deal with and can instantly suck out all of the energy you get from doing your job. They never seem grateful for your service and will leave the instant they see a better deal, regardless of the quality of the service.  

How do we generate leads that do not make a hassle over every little thing and actually care about their well-being? 

I’ll show you, but first I need to set a few definitions. These definitions make up the framework of the Clarity, Insight, Growth Acquisition Methodology and are the three categories of a great digital presence.

  1. Clarity: The ability to effectively tell your story, convey value, and position yourself as an authority to your target audience.

  2. Insight: Keeping customers engaged and turning them into a loyal following with content marketing and social media strategizing.

  3. Growth: Being able to advertise, and generate new customers consistently. 

Clarity: Be Tactical About Your Message

Clarity is the number one thing that most businesses, especially small ones, lack on the internet. Business owners hire their local agency to slap together a website, then add massive chunks of text to each page, thinking that people will just see how great they are and book an appointment. 

Clarity is what ties everything together. Without it, your message and brand will be seen by no one and you will get nowhere. It is what causes most business owners to claim that “Facebook Ads don’t work”, or “SEO doesn’t work” or “[insert method here] doesn’t work!”

I honestly cringe when I hear one of those statements. It just means they weren’t scientific in their approach to marketing. It also means that they didn’t convey enough value (if any) to their target audience and therefore didn’t generate any customers. 

How To Implement Excellent Clarity In Your Website & Social Profiles

Social Proof

You must place testimonials, case studies, logos, or any other materials pretty high on your home page, so that people can instantly see it. As you may know, social proof is the life-blood of your business. It’s a simple fact that customers love to see what other people similar to themselves think of a product or service. 

You should also never be hesitant to place logos from partners, brands you use, training, education, and any other logos that will make your business look reputable. Logos are a great way of quickly conveying value to customers, because they don’t have to chase down a quick snippet of where the dentist went to school in a massive brick of text. 


It’s a general rule on the internet that you have about 5 seconds after a user lands on your website before they bounce, unless they see value in staying.

5 seconds. That’s not a lot of time. 

Even though it sounds like mission impossible, it’s actually quite simple. You have to give a value proposition in the hero section of your website that sets you apart from the competition, as well as define NOT what you do, but what you can do for the customer. This should be done in 1-2 sentences. 

Below the hero section, you should define three benefits, each with an image. Remember: BENEFITS ARE NOT FEATURES. 

Don’t display what your business does, at least not yet. Display the main reasons customers are coming to your business. They have a pain that needs healing (maybe literally). 

Bringing up what your business can do for the customer after they’ve chosen you will go miles for your conversion rate, especially if your competition isn’t doing it. 

The customers quickly and efficiently understand exactly what you have to offer them, and therefore will continue scrolling, if they are in the market for your service.


It’s a common error in small business websites that almost never gets brought up: there’s simply too much unnecessary text. 

Yes, it’s good to have an about page.

Yes, it's great to have a team page, a contact page, and services page. 

But be sure to make it easy to read. Customers will quickly lose interest if they have to dig through a million pages to find the information they need. They do not want to read massive chunks of text to find out the best way to reach you or read bios about each and every team member. 

They are there for one reason, and they want to do it quickly. They will leave without the task accomplished if it is perceived to be too difficult. 

A great and simple way to get people to read is to use plenty of headers so customers can quickly find the information they want, and to break up large paragraphs into 1-2 sentence bursts. Customers don’t want to read a novel, they want to take a certain action and do it quickly. 

Authority (Part 1)

Another common mistake with websites and social media marketing is failure to demonstrate authority. 

Let me ask you a question. Would you buy an iPhone from Apple if you didn’t believe that Apple had a better product than the other competition? 

Maybe that’s a bad example, but you get the point. 

You want to be the #1 expert in your area for your respective profession. That seems daunting, but is entirely feasible if you’re good at content marketing (This point can also be associated with Insight). 

All you have to do is make sure your copy, website, social media profiles contain supporting evidence that you actually know what you’re doing. This can be through social proof (case studies or testimonials), logos, professional imagery, and more. 

NOW is also the time to convey features and the “how”. You’ve already told the customer what you can do for them, and now you’re describing how you are going to accomplish that. 

Remember to do it efficiently, and keep it simple while also sounding professional. Don’t use too many big words or people may get confused. Besides, patients love it when their provider can explain complex things in a simple and friendly manner. 

The features section should go somewhere near the bottom of the home page, after the hero, benefits, social proof, and services.  

Call to Action

There’s an unwritten rule of selling on the internet: always make sure you provide the next step for the customer. Whether its a blog, video, service page, about page, ANYTHING, you need to make sure you have the next step waiting for those ready to take action. 

If you don’t get anything else out of this, please put this to heart. The call to action is lacking on most websites. 

It is extremely frustrating to customers if they are ready to take the plunge and take the next step to becoming a customer, and they simply can’t figure out how to do so. Like I mentioned before, if they have to dig too much, they will lose interest, and you just lost a customer. 

Think about it. Failure to provide a call to action means you are missing out on actual money.

For example, inside the hero section of our website, we’ve included a button to receive a “Free Digital Presence Audit” (which is open to you as well). At the bottom of the homepage there is a “Get Started” button that drives users to the contact page. It’s very simple, but it works. 

That’s all you need. You don’t have to get super complicated or convoluted. We also include a “Get Started” button or something similar at the bottom of every page on our website, minus the contact page. The next step is always available. 

So you’ve added plenty of social proof to your website and social media, created benefits to display value, and fixed your copy. Depending on the size of your business or practice you may have hired an agency to do the heavy lifting. This can be a powerful relationship to making sure everything is up to date on your website and social profiles, and to help you advertise effectively. More on this later. 

The next step is to give Insight into your business and create a loyal following that keeps coming back to your business and supporting you! 

Insight: Create A Loyal Brand

“Do I really need to make Facebook posts everyday?” 

“I post all the time but don’t see any return from it.” 

“Posting on social media is a waste of time for my business.”

These are things we hear a lot from small business owners. If you’ve ever thought something similar to these, maybe try shifting your thought process to “What haven't I tried yet” 

Content marketing and social media strategizing works. You just have to know what you’re doing. 

Posting on social media, along with messenger and email sequences, is a great way to constantly remind potential customers that you exist. If your social media goes no further than that, you’ve still won. However, we also want to generate leads and customers.

How To Implement Insight Into Your Business and Build a Great Brand.

Personal Connections

For small and local businesses, the last thing you want to do is put yourself on a pedestal. This will only result in people disliking you and taking their business somewhere else. 

Personal connections are the key to content marketing. People love to see that other people are similar to them, like similar things, have similar hobbies, etc. So don’t be afraid to display what you or your business is passionate about, even if it’s not necessarily related. However, don’t make that the majority of the content you post. The point of building personal connections is to make the customer feel like they know you on a personal level, even if they’ve never met you. 

Whether you like it or not, you have to be a man of the people. You have to engage with your customers and followers in a way that puts you on the same level, in a caring and humane way. 

You might be confused, thinking, “Didn’t he just say to demonstrate authority on my landing pages?” and you’d be right. Building a personable brand goes hand in hand with demonstrating authority. You demonstrate authority on a professional level, but you place yourself as equal to your customers when building relationships, so you don’t come off as pompous or arrogant. 

Showing behind the scenes is a great way of building that personal connection. The customer feels like they get an “exclusive look” into how you operate, and it’s another chance to reinforce the relationship you’re building. 


This is the number one most important thing when creating content for social media, or anywhere. You have to deliver value first and foremost. Without value, there will be nobody showing up to follow you on any social media, and you will gain zero traction. 

How do you consistently deliver value?

You have to create an Ideal Customer Profile, which breaks down exactly what customer you’re looking to serve and attract. This documents an overview of everything that person does, from what books they read, things they listen to, places they frequent, and pain points they have. You can use an actual person (with their permission), or fabricate a character.

For some businesses this may be easier than others, but I highly recommend creating one especially if you intend on advertising. 

This profile then tells you what your ideal customer is looking for, and therefore what information they will find valuable. Then you make a list of everything you can think of, and create posts, videos, or blogs (ideally all) based around those ideas. 

Authority (Part 2) 

Let’s say you plan on creating video content for your YouTube channel to build an audience and attract customers. You have no idea what to create. So you start making videos about why your business is better than the rest and whatnot. 

Come on, you’re doing it wrong. 

Commercials are fine, but not the place for YouTube or social media (unless you’re using them to advertise). Your #1 goal is to provide value, and then the audience will come. At the same time, you need to design your videos in a way that gives you the ability to speak about things you are knowledgeable or skillful at. 

You will automatically be more enthusiastic about the topics, and the customers will feel like you are the expert. That’s why they will come to you. 

You will stand out from the crowd and appear different from the competition if you do this as well. That’s exactly what you want. Not someone who’s offering “general dentist services” because that’s what they do, but an esteemed practice that constantly demonstrates that they know what they are doing and are extremely passionate about their work. 

Call to Action

I’ve already gone over the main points for the call to action so ill keep it brief. 


This means when posting on social media, always mention either how they can read more by visiting your blog or YouTube video or how they can effortlessly book an appointment with you in minutes. Never have a post without mentioning something like this. 

You can also post and reference to any lead magnets you’ve created (like free teeth whitening), which will be much more effective at converting your social following into customers.

Growth: Get Customers In Front Of You

There’s a seven-step process to generating the leads that you want. In essence, it is simple, but you know how things go in practice. Like I mentioned before, the goal of the growth section is to run successful advertising campaigns or by using other organic methods to generate leads. 

You can use any platform you’d like to advertise (Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, etc). It really depends on your target audience. 

For dentistry lead generation and client acquisition, I believe Facebook is best, with Google being a close second. They have detailed targeting, lookalike audiences, and other tools that really help you get your ad out to the exact people you’d like to see it. This isn’t a Facebook Ads tutorial, so I'll cover this quickly. 

One thing you’ve got to realize on the internet is that the actual advertisement itself is just a small piece of the funnel to acquiring customers. Not only do your ads need to be great, you have to have a winning landing page (using the advice on clarity) that efficiently generates leads, a great follow-up system, and a method to reach out to the lead in order to get them in the door. 

Here’s what the entire process looks like for a Family Dentistry Practice

  1. We advertise an offer of free teeth whitening on Facebook. This offer is great because it doesn’t get ridiculously expensive and people who go for this kind of offer generally care about their appearance, and therefore their health.  

  2. The next step has two different methods: 

    1. Have the user claim the offer inside of a messenger bot (we use ManyChat), where we would ask them a few qualification questions. This brings up their pain points and starts a conversation (automated, but still a conversation) and helps bring up their pain points, or their reasons for clicking on your offer in the first place. The bot asks the user for their name, phone number, and email address in order to get the offer

    2. Take the user to a dedicated landing page that has one purpose: get the user to exchange their name, phone number, and email address in order to receive the offer of free teeth whitening. This is also called a “squeeze page” which has no links that could distract the user and forces them into two options: enter their info or close the page. 

  3. Next, the office manager or whoever is put in charge of managing the leads would get a text or email notification with the lead information (We use Zapier for this part) and gives the lead a call within 5-15 minutes (if possible), while the lead is still hot. The goal of this call is to quickly get them in the door, while the subject is still on their mind. If you wait too long, the lead might forget and that’s why you have follow-up sequences. If they aren’t convinced on the first call, they will be followed-up with a few more times over the coming weeks, just to ensure that they don’t forget

  4. Once they enter their name and email address, we send them automated sequences from both email and Facebook Messenger, which starts off frequent, at one every two days for the first week, then slows down to about once a month. These Sequences can last up to 6 months to a year. That way, they don’t have the opportunity to forget about your business and the great offer you made to them. 

  5. Once they click on the messenger page or landing page, we begin serving them retargeting ads that show shining testimonials from your best customers. They will get 2-3 of these ads per day, and will chase them around the internet, which creates an omnipresence of your business and makes them believe that you are spending a ton of money on advertising. These ads complete the quota of 6-7 touch points

  6. After they come in for the initial visit and trust builds between the customer and business, you can encourage them to climb the value ladder and the customer becomes more loyal, and very valuable to you as well. 

That is the basic overview of the lead generation and customer acquisition process. 

Facebook Messenger is one of the most powerful tools that people simply aren’t utilizing right now. Through ManyChat and other software you have the power to send automated messages straight to customer’s phones (if they have notifications turned on). Some practices turn off Messenger for whatever reason, and that is a HUGE mistake. Did you know that 89% of Facebook users looking for a local business will go with the business that responds first? 

That means you have to have an excellent auto-responder. My company creates these bots within messenger that allow the user to discover more and more about your business in a conversational way.

Alignment: How to Not Lose Focus

You should be proud of yourself for making it this far. You’ve just gone through so much information that it might be confusing to try and make sense of it all. Don’t worry, I've got some tricks to help you stay focused when implementing these methods into your business (if you plan on doing them yourself)

Start With One

If you begin by doing all these things at once, you will get overwhelmed and probably fail. You need to start with a single area (maybe what sounds most simple to you), and get to work. You’ll get good at one thing, and then you’ll feel confident enough with it to start the next area, and then the next. 

Implementing these into your business will cause a snowball effect in yourself (what you know about digital marketing) and your business. It starts off very small and slow, but you get bigger and faster over time. 

it will take time. Don’t give up after a week and claim “it doesn’t work.” You have to give it months to actually see the results of your labor. 

Remind Yourself Constantly

If you’re like me, you have trouble keeping up with a ton of things in your head and end up forgetting or not prioritizing things enough. In order to keep perfect alignment with everything you do, you have to remind yourself of your end goal daily and then take actions every day to push yourself closer to that goal. 

So write down what exactly you’d like to accomplish out of this and then look at it every morning. This will help you stay aligned and not spend too much time on things you think will not give you the greatest return. 

Wrapping Up

I hope you got some serious value out of this blog. This took me a good amount of time to write

If you’re a business owner and looking to work with a marketing agency, I would be grateful if you checked us out, and we’ll be happy to give you a free consultation to get your snowball rolling. Just click here.

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I appreciate the time you’ve dedicated to this, and I wish you all the luck in generating leads and maximizing your digital presence!