Create & Inspire. 

Professional Photography, Cinematography, and more.



Our Mission

Focus Point Visuals is a photography and videography company based in Morganton, North Carolina. We want to create things that inspire people, whether that’s through image, video, or any another form. We knew from the start that we wanted to specialize in content for the internet, which still remains an untapped force. It has yet to be used to it's full potential, and it is our goal to begin to discover this true potential.

Our start to this goal is Project Insight, which is a new approach to marketing. It’s a way to create genuine connections to customers through online content creation.



The original goal for Focus Point Visuals was primarily to be a photography business. We’ve come far since then, but we still offer a wide range of photography services.


Project Insight

Project insight is our solution to internet marketing. Through professionally produced content for YouTube and Instagram and more, it creates a personal connection between you and your customers, while creating a community around your passions. 



One of our passions in the creative industry is filmmaking. It’s a craft that anyone can use to express themselves. You can check out some of our previous work below.

Notable Clients