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Our Mission

Focus Point Visuals is a photography, videography and digital marketing company based in Morganton, North Carolina, however we work with brands from all over. Our goal is to utilize photo, video, and online advertising to help companies become the best brand they can possibly be. We want to create things that inspire people, whether that’s through image, video, or any another form. We knew from the start that we wanted to specialize in content for the internet, which still remains an untapped force. It is our goal to begin to discover this true potential.

Our mission is to give businesses the tools to be the best brand they can possibly be.

Nicholas Gould

Founder, Photographer & Filmmaker


Our goal is to inspire and help others to follow their passions. Photography is a fantastic way to do this. Whether it’s portraits of you and your team, events, or product photography, we’ve got you covered. Click “Learn More” to see if our shooting style matches your needs.



One of our passions in the creative industry is filmmaking. It’s a craft that anyone can use to express themselves, educate others and inspire thousands. With services such as shooting events, commercials, products, and more, we’ll work with you to help you follow your passions!



Project insight is our solution to content marketing. With a structured content strategy, your customers will enjoy professionally produced content for YouTube and Instagram and more, creating a personal connection between them, while building a positive community around your passions.



Focus Point Visuals also specializes in advertising on the internet. More specifically, we offer marketing consulting services that help other businesses attract more clients. Like all our services, we enjoy helping others reach their goals.