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CONTENT MARKETING THAT’s linked to revenue


Want to gain loyal customers that keep coming back for more?


Imagine a world where a customer is exposed to your brand every day. All because they feel a special connection to your business.

This is Project Insight.

A new style of content that focuses on a more personal approach to marketing. It targets users on platforms like YouTube and Instagram and other social platforms and drives maximum engagement to your business.

It’s like creating a new lead magnet every week.

Project Insight starts with us creating personalized video content about your business that shows off the best you have to offer.

We then break these videos down into short clips to be posted on social media, which will leads customers back to the main video and your website, where they buy your product or watch even more.


You give customers value, and in return they give you business.


This content will take an in-depth look into your product or service, the employees, and your community. With our strict content strategy, your business will truly cut through the noise of this digital age, and build a brand that no-one will forget.

The entire goal is to make any business, no matter how big or small, feel like it has the heart and soul that customers love. This will make potential clients and viewers feel like they almost know you and your business on a personal level, causing a positive experience that they won’t forget.


With your content being published to platforms like Instagram and YouTube, you get a better chance to build a genuine audience and earn ad revenue.

Coupled with our digital advertising consulting, you will reach the maximum potential of the internet.

Go Behind the Scenes

People love to see how things are made. They love to watch behind the scenes of movies. You should do the same.

With Project Insight, we make behind the scenes content about your business to capture your audience and drive more sales.

As a business owner, you should share everything you know. Businesses are paranoid about this statement. You shouldn’t be afraid of sharing.

So you should teach about what your business does. This builds an attentive audience, a powerful and underestimated force.

Boring Company Flamethrower Shoot

Boring Company Flamethrower Shoot

Why Project Insight works

  • Our content strategy keeps both potential customers and existing ones aware of your brand by giving them consistent value.

  • You give the world a more in-depth look at what happens at your company, which makes people trust your brand more and more.

  • You connect with younger audiences, compared to traditional marketing

  • The focus on content Inspires workers and employees, and creates a positive environment


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What is Project Insight? Project insight is the belief that everyone can be a content creator. The truth is, everyone SHOULD be a content creator....

Consistency is Key.

One of the most important things about content creation on the internet is having uploading schedule and sticking to it. that's why we offer monthly pricing plans for Project Insight, so you never miss a video for your customers and viewers. Enter your information below to receive your first video on us!